In Search of a Climate, with Photomezzotypes

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“Having some obscure chest complaint, Mr. Nottage decided upon leaving England “in search of a climate,” for a tour which might comprise a visit to Australia, the Sandwich Islands, and Southern California. Once we have got over a certain egotism, the result to the reader is almost entirely pleasant, for the author, although he can boast no particular literary style, is an excellent gossip; and as he saw a good deal upon his tour, and passed through the Hawaiian revolution, his record is not without value.”

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“Mr. Nottage has anticipated the strictures of those critics who are likely to be influenced by the way in which the subject suggested by the title is kept in the background, by printing in his preface a number of tentative reviews of a somewhat hostile type. We can assure him, however, that he need not fear that anyone who reads his book through will have much else but praise for its exceedingly interesting character, and that the mere fact that he has relegated the question of climate to a secondary position will easily be forgiven.”

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Charles G. Nottage, In Search of a Climate, with thirty photographic illustrations … in photomezzotype by the London stereoscopic & photographic company, ltd. (London: S. Low, Marston & company, limited, 1894). Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) 2003-1016N

“The photographic illustrations of the book deserve more than a word of praise: designed and reproduced in photomezzotype by the Stereoscopic Company, they are of very unusual merit, and should make popular any book of travel.”— William Thomas Stead, The Review of Reviews, 1893