Fall 2023 seminar: schedule bibliography

Spring 2023 seminar: spacetime and objectivity

Summer 2023 seminar for Princeton undergraduate students: Kierkegaard in Copenhagen

Link to: Princeton Logic Group

How Logic Works The Logic in Philoso
phy of Science

How logic works [princeton university press] [google books] [amazon]

The logic in philosophy of science

Invariance and ontology in relativistic physics

Review: On Theories: Logical Empiricism and the Methodology of Modern Physics, by W. Demopoulos

John Bell on subject and object

Closing the hole argument

Mutual translatability, equivalence, and the structure of theories

Review of Steven French, There are no such things as theories

Niels Bohr forvansket [pdf]

Momentum and context

Concluding unscientific image

There is no invariant, four-dimensional stuff

Theories are not partially ordered

To be a realist about quantum theory

Scientific theories

It keeps me seeking [oxford university press] [amazon] [review 1] [review 2] [review 3] [review 4]

From geometry to conceptual relativity

Quine's conjecture on many-sorted logic

Glymour and Quine on theoretical equivalence

Morita equivalence

On the conventionality of parastatistics

Why methodological naturalism? (available upon request)

What scientific theories could not be

Foundations and philosophy

Cosmology and theology

Fine tuning does not imply a fine tuner

A theological critique of the fine-tuning argument

Plantinga on providence and physics


Algebraic quantum field theory

Does quantum theory kill time?

Complementarity of representations in quantum mechanics

No place for particles in relativistic quantum theories?

Reconsidering Bohr's reply to EPR

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen state maximally violates Bell's inequalities

Are Rindler quanta real?

Entanglement and open systems in algebraic quantum field theory

Reeh-schlieder defeats Newton-Wigner: On alternative localization schemes in relativistic quantum field theory

On the nature of continuous quantities in classical and quantum mechanics

Generic Bell correlation between arbitrary local algebras in quantum field theory

Non-local correlations are generic in infinite-dimensional bipartite systems

Maximal beable subalgebras of quantum mechanical observables

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