Hans Halvorson

The logic in philosophy of science [Cambridge university press] [google books] [amazon]

There is no invariant, four-dimensional stuff

Extension, translation, and the Cantor-Bernstein property

It keeps me seeking

How logic works [sample]

From geometry to conceptual relativity

Quine's conjecture on many-sorted logic

Glymour and Quine on theoretical equivalence

Morita equivalence

What scientific theories could not be

Foundations and philosophy

Cosmology and theology

A theological critique of the fine-tuning argument

To be a realist about quantum theory

Complementarity of representations in quantum mechanics

Reconsidering Bohr's reply to EPR

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen state maximally violates Bell's inequalities

Generic Bell correlation between arbitrary local algebras in quantum field theory

Curriculum Vitae