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Princeton University
Professor: Department of Philosophy
Associated Faculty: Department of Mathematics

office: 1879 hall, room 220
department phone: 609-258-4289
department fax: 609-258-1502

curriculum vitae: PDF

office hour fall 2015: wed 2.30-3.20pm

My current research focuses on the logical analysis of scientific theories. See, for example, the graduate seminar: logical philosophy of science. One novel twist that I bring to this project is an emphasis on category theory and categorical logic as the most natural language in which to describe scientific theories and their relations to each other. As Galileo said, the book of the world is written in mathematics. And the book of mathematics is written in category theory.

Of course, category theory is useful in a lot of other ways. For one, it raises many interesting issues about the foundations of mathematics, for example category-theoretic foundations, and univalent foundations.

I also think about philosophy of physics, most particularly, quantum field theory, quantum information theory, and experimental metaphysics. I've also written about issues where scientific knowledge might seem pertinent to religious belief, such as cosmology and theology, the fine-tuning design argument, and methodological naturalism.