PHI 201: Introductory Logic

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Tues, Sept 18

Lecture: Introduction continued
Reading: T 1-26

Thurs, Sept 20

Lecture: Proofs with A, MPP, MTT
Reading: L 1-13
Due: Assignment #1

Tues, Sept 25

Lecture: Proofs with DN, CP
Reading: L 13-22

Thurs, Sept 27

Lecture: Proofs with &I, &E, vI, vE
Reading: L 23-41
Due: Assignment #2

Tues, Oct 2

Lecture: Proofs with RAA; Biconditionals
Reading: L 42-62

Thurs, Oct 4

Lecture: Counterexamples; Logical Grammar
Due: Assignment #3 (Lemmon p. 27, #1e,f,h,j; #2c,d; p. 33, #1e; p. 41 #1c,e,g,i)

Tues, Oct 9

Lecture: Formation Rules; Substitution Instances; Theorems and Derived Rules; Truth Tables
Reading: L 64-73

Thurs, Oct 11

Lecture: Truth Tables; Consistency of PC
Reading: L 75-82
Due: Assignment #4 (Lemmon p. 62, #2 (all), #5 (omit i,j,k,l), #7; p. 73, #1 (part one, omit j,k); #3 (part one).)

Tues, Oct 16

Lecture: Philosophical issues in propositional logic
Reading: None

Thurs, Oct 18

Lecture: 'All' and 'Some'
Reading: L 92-102
Due: Assignment #5

Tues, Oct 23

Lecture: The Universal Quantifier
Reading: L 102-109

Thurs, Oct 25


Tues, Oct 30

No Lecture - Fall Recess

Thurs, Nov 1

No Lecture - Fall Recess

Tues, Nov 6

Lecture: UI and EE
Reading: Lemmon Section 3.3 [Also read Sections 3.1 & 3.2 if you have not already.]

Thurs, Nov 8

Lecture: Sequents with quantifiers
Due: Lemmon p. 102 #1 (a through m); p. 110 #2 (part i: a,b,c,d,e); p. 116 #2 (part i: c,d,e,f,g)

Revised Lecture Schedule: Nov 20 through Dec 13.

Note: There will be two review sessions (TBA) during the reading period (Jan 7 -- 15). 

Tues, Nov 20

Topic: Presenting interpretations (part II); truth relative to an interpretation; how to get a model from a tree; further semantic notions (falsifiability, entailment, logical equivalence, validity). 
Reading: Handout -- QL interpretations (Part I).

Tues, Nov 27

Topic: Review of indirect truth tables; the finite universe method; expressive powers of monadic QL.
Reading: Handout -- The finite universe method.

Thurs, Nov 29

Topic: Translating between QL and English (definite descriptions, numerical quantification); expressive powers and limitations of monadic QL.
Reading: Tomassi, pp. 245-261; Handout -- What can be said with QL (Part I).
Assignment Due: HW #8.

Tues, Dec 4

Topic: Polyadic QL (with function symbols); presenting interpretations for relation symbols and function symbols; scope, logical constants.
Reading: Handout -- QL interpretations (Part II); Lemmon pp. 138-146.

Thurs, Dec 6

Topic: Undecidability of polyadic QL; consistent sentences that are false in all finite universes; the cosmological argument (if time).
Reading: Tomassi, pp. 357-368.
Assignment Due: HW #9.

Tues, Dec 11

Topic: Advanced translations (ambiguity, quantifier shifts, superlatives); expressive powers and limitations of polyadic QL.
Reading: Handout -- What can be said with QL (Part II), Lemmon pp. 149-158.

Thurs, Dec 13

Topic: So what good is this all?  Overview and philosophical outlook.
Assignment Due (on Friday, Dec 14): HW #10.

Final Exam: January 26 (Saturday), 8:30am, McCosh 50.

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