Points for Proofs

Proofs are assigned point values between 0 and 4 as follows.

4 Points: Perfect. Would pass an automated proof checker. (NOTE: Actually, the linked proof checker is both too lenient and too strict, as it allows moves that are not permitted by our rules, and does not allow some moves that are permitted by our rules.)

3 Points:
One or two minor misapplications of rules that could easily be fixed by being more careful. For example:
1    (1) P->-Q     A 
2    (2) Q         A
1,2  (3) -P        1,2 MTT
For full credit, there must be an additional line:
1    (1) P->-Q     A 
2    (2) Q         A
2    (3) --Q       2 DN 
1,2  (4) -P        1,3 MTT
2 Points:
The proof includes one or more successful substrategies, but has irremediable flaws. (This is mostly applicable to complex proofs.) For example, having a "false line" (i.e., the sentence on the line does not follow logically from its dependencies) is usually an irremediable flaw.
1 Point:
Some correct applications of the rules, but no proof strategy is apparent.

Check your dependency numbers carefully. Mistakes in dependency numbers will cost you points.