Turks and the Islamic Empire

The Texts

the battle of Manzikert

The Maps

The Islamic Empire c. 1000
Turks Before Islam
Turkish Migrations
Expansion of the Islamic Empire
Islamic Campaigns in the East
The Trade Routes Around Baghdad
The Abbasid Revolution
The Round City of Al-Mansoor
End of 9th Century. Abbasid Caliphate
10 Century. Coming of the Buyids
Early 11th Century. Islamic Lands
The Ghaznavid Territories to show the political landscape in the early years
The Ghaznavid Empire
Mahmut of Ghazna's Empire
The Oghuz Migration
Late 11th Century. The Coming of the Saljuks
Seljukid Incursion into Anatolia 11th century
The Battle of Manzikert 1071
The Silk Road and the Spread of Religions

The Genealogical Trees

Genealogical Tree of Buyids
The Ghaznavid Geneological Tree
Genealogical Tree of the Early Seljuks