TELEGEOGRAPHY provides telephone and internet statistics. Online excellent database source of country-to-country flows called International Traffic Database, but through purchase only. Online demo available. Also, through purchase is their Global Internet Geography, an annual report on internet mapping.

GLOBALREACH has basic stats on language and internet use.

COMPUTER INDUSTRY ALMANAC, INC. Almanacs through purchase only. Some basic stats online on computer and internet usage.

NIELSEN/NETRATINGS Through purchase only. Online stats on internet use are basic and focuses only on the main countries in globalization.

UNESCO telephone data online - Cultural trade and Communication in the World Culture Report. This only shows data from 1995. For more current data, look for hardbound copies of WCR. Information on Internet hosts, PC usage, and Phonelines

OECD has an extensive pdf report Information Technology Outlook 2002. Charts and graphs on OECD countries of household use, sales, companies, etc..

Also, working paper entitled Measuring Electronic Commerce: International Trade in Software (1998) pdf. Household internet statistics from 1990-96 can be found on the OECD paper OECDhouseholdinternetaccess.pdf . Working paper called Internet Infrastructure Indicators. Tables 15-18 of this report have interesting country-to-country data.

NUA. Online internet surveys, demographic information, statistics and market research.