Unpublished Papers

Forthcoming Publications

"Meditations on Second Philosophy: Anti-Nominalist Reflections on Maddy's Semi-Nominalism"

To appear in a Springer volume on Penelope Maddy, edited by Juliette Kennedy.
To download in pdf format click here.

"Kripke on Modality"

Written for a forthcoming volume edited by Otavio Bueno and Scott Shalkowski, Routledge Handbook of Modality.
To download in pdf format click here.

"Parsons and the Structuralist View"

Written for a volume on Charles Parsons and his Mathematical Thought and Its Objects edited by O. Rechter.
To download in pdf format click here.

"Reconciling Anti-Platonism and Anti-Nominalism in Philosophy of Mathematics"

Paper presented at a conference on Reconciling Nominalism and Platonism in Philosophy of Mathematics at Columbia University, spring 2016.
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Further Publications

To download my curriculum vitae in doc format click here or to download in pdf format click here . Electronic files for most items since 1995, and hard-copy reprints of most the items before that date are available on request. (Be sure to indicate to what address you want it sent.) My e-mail address is: jburgess@princeton.edu

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