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Materials and Structure




Cost considerations may suggest using different types of fiber in a composite. High strength carbon fibers (high cost) are employed in regions of high tensile stress, and lower cost glass fibers in regions with lower stress demand. Some configurations that exploit this thinking are shown. A symmetric layup pattern is used in the final material so that it will be isotropic in its in-plane behavior.

In the lower diagram, two uni-directional glass cloths are used between two carbon cloths in the left hand diagram. Each layer contains only one fiber type. In the center diagram, the glass cloth layers have fibers at an angle to the long axis.
In the right hand diagram, a glass fill mat is used between two outer layers each with two fiber types. Carbon is used longitudinally and glass in the transverse direction.

From: Shepler, Towne, and Saylor, "Machine Design," (1979)