Zirconium, Zr
Zirconium is a metal in group IVB of the periodic table with atomic number 40, an atomic weight of 91.22, and a density of 6.49 Mg/m3. Its melting point is 1852 C, and it boils at 3580 C.

The electronic configuration of Zirconium is (Ar)(4d2)(5s2). Its atomic radius is 0.160nm and the (+4) ionic radius is 0.080 nm.

In the solid state Zirconium has a hexagonal-close-packed crystal structure 

Zirconium has a Young's modulus of 99 GPa, a yield stress of 310 MPa, and a UTS of 448 MPa. The linear coefficient of thermal expansion is 10.44 m/m/K and the thermal conductivity is 0.227 W/cm/K