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Shanghai, 2007 - What is he pointing at?

News: As of July 1, 2007, I'll be formally retired from Princeton University after 43 years! But that's not all - in September 1, 2007, I'll join the faculty at NYU as professor.

More News: In May-June, there was a reunion of some former residents of Jones Alley in Shanghai. For pictures, see:


Here are some pictures of a side trip to Hanoi - be sure to check out Minh's Jazz Club:



Reunion in China, 2007

Old News: The Jones research Lab, nicknamed "Jones Alley" by Duncan Brown many years ago, closed August 2004, after almost exactly 40 years of activity in reactive intermediate chemistry. We published about 225 papers and a few books over that time, averaging a remarkably constant five papers a year, roughly one per active group member per year.


I cannot begin to acknowledge my debt to those coworkers from whom I learned far more than they learned from me. The best I can do to redeem that unpayable debt is to tell them here how much I loved working with them, how much I appreciate their efforts, and how very much delight I take in their successes. If we have lost contact, and you see this, please send me an email. Here are links to their names:


Undergraduates - Follow this link to the 63 undergraduates who appeared as coauthors on one or more papers.


Graduate Students - Follow this link to the 30 graduate students who worked in Jones Alley - Everyone published at least one paper.


Postdocs and Visitors - Follow this link to the 34 postdoctoral fellows and similar visitors who worked in Jones Alley


Here is a reaction done by Dr. Michael Blake:

Can you write a mechanism for this reaction? For our mechanism just click on the figure.


Here are some compounds made in my group in the last decade - to read more about them and the people who made them, just click on the molecule itself.




Research Group, Alumni, and Friends -2000 (Photo by Peter Lu) and in 2001 in front of the Time Cafe, on the way to see the Mingus Big Band


Kids and travels with them:


Click on the pictures for more information and further links



Brand New - September 1, 2006

Henry Clark Buckley-Jones


For a few more pics of baby Henry, click on the feet.


Still Reasonably New - August 3, 2005

Owen Maitland Biggs


Here are three little girls who arrived in the world in 2003:

Margaret Gwen Adda Jones (June 30, 2003). Helen Blue Buckley-Jones (June 27, 2003)

and Jane Lincoln Biggs (September 26, 2003)

for more pics of little Adda, Helen, and Jane just click on the pictures.


Here they are again with their siblings and cousins Maitland Lilja Io Jones, Richard Douglas Biggs, IV (Charlie), and August Ray Asmundur Jones in Cape North, Nova Scotia in the summer of 2004,


left to right: Jane, Charlie, Helen, Io, Adda, Ray


Publications from the Jones Group

MJ's Curriculum vitae

The Princeton Hash House Harriers

Tiananmen Square June 3-8, 1989

Lhasa, Tibet, 1985 - just click on the Tibetan flag

Pictures from Cape North, Nova Scotia - just click on the Cape Breton flag.



Orgo! Third Edition- W. W. Norton & Co., 2004 (A Textbook on Organic Chemistry)

JazzNights - A Series of Evenings of Jazz in Princeton- click on the logo

Susan Hockaday Art: click here to learn more and see some samples