Yuri B. Saalmann, Ph.D.

E-mail: saalmann@princeton.edu


Ph.D., Australian National University, 2005.

Research Interests:

Neural interactions/connectivity, attention, vision, neural mechanisms of consciousness, learning patterns and rules, synaptic plasticity

Research Methods:

Multi-electrode physiological recordings, functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging.

Recent Publications:

Saalmann YB, Pinsk MA, Wang L, Li X, Kastner S (2012) The pulvinar regulates information transmission between cortical areas based on attention demands. Science, 337: 753-756.

Kastner S, Saalmann YB, Schneider KA (2012) Thalamic control of visual attention. In: Neuroscience of Attention. (Ed. Mangun GR) Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Saalmann YB, Kastner S (2011) Cognitive and perceptual functions of the visual thalamus. Neuron, 71: 209-223.

Roy S, Jayakumar J, Martin PR, Dreher B, Saalmann YB, Hu D, Vidyasagar TR (2009) Segregation of short-wavelength sensitive (S) cone signals in the macaque dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus. Eur. J. Neurosci., 30: 1517-1526.

Saalmann YB, Kastner S (2009) Gain control in the visual thalamus during perception and cognition. Curr. Opin. Neurobiol., 19: 408-414.

Pigarev IN, Saalmann YB, Vidyasagar TR (2009) A minimally invasive and reversible system for chronic recordings from multiple brain sites in macaque monkeys. J. Neurosci. Methods. 181: 151-158.

Saalmann YB, Pigarev IN, Vidyasagar TR (2007) Neural mechanisms of visual attention: how top-down feedback highlights relevant locations. Science, 316: 1612-1615.

Saalmann YB, Calford MB (2008) Pregnane steroids and short-term neural plasticity. In: Neuroactive Steroids in Brain Function, Behavioral and Neuropsychiatric Disorders. (Eds. Ritsner MS, Weizman A) Springer, Heidelberg.

Saalmann YB, Kirkcaldie MTK, Waldron S, Calford MB (2007) Cellular distribution of the GABA-A receptor-modulating 3alpha-Hydroxy, 5alpha-reduced pregnane steroids in the adult rat brain. J. Neuroendocrinol., 19: 272-284.

Saalmann YB, Morgan IG, Calford MB (2006) Neurosteroids involved in regulating inhibition in the inferior colliculus. J. Neurophysiol., 96: 3064-3073.

McPherson M, Horowitz LS, Lusher D, Di Giglio S, Greenacre LE, Saalmann YB (2011) Marginal women, marginal rights: impediments to gender-based persecution claims by asylum-seeking women in Australia. J. Refugee Studies, 24: 323-347.

Horowitz LS, McPherson M, Saalmann YB (2011) Removing barriers to the emergence and assessment of claims of gender-based persecution by asylum seekers in Australia. J. Refugee Studies, 24: 349-350.

Selected Conference Proceedings:

Saalmann YB, Pinsk MA, Li X, Kastner S (2010) Combining diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and multiple-electrode recordings to study neural networks: An example focusing on thalamocortical interactions. Society for Neuroscience 40th Annual Meeting, 413. 10.

Douglas M, Szczepanski SM, Kastner S, Saalmann YB (2009) Two pathways for attentional processing in fronto-parietal cortex? Society for Neuroscience 39th Annual Meeting, 188. 20.

Saalmann YB, Balsters JH, Wright MJ, Ramnani N (2008) Learning rules changes connectivity between the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum. Human Brain Mapping 14th Annual Meeting, 407T.

Vidyasagar TR, Saalmann YB (2007) Anomalous sensory processing in LIP and MT when monkeys make errors in a delayed match-to-sample task. Society for Neuroscience 37th Annual Meeting, 229.11.

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