N. P. Ong, Professor of Physics, Princeton University

Director, Princeton Center for Complex Materials

















N. P. Ong,

Address:  Dept. Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, U.S.A.
Telephone: 1(609) 258-4347 (office); 258-4723 (lab.); Fax: 1(609) 258-6360
email: npo@princeton.edu


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Updated May, 2012

I am interested in the novel transport properties of electrons in Dirac materials (graphene and topological insulators), in strongly-correlated materials (cuprates, cobaltates, manganites) and magnetic systems (MnSi). Please see talks for some examples of recent projects.  (For a description of these problems, click on the link above “Return to Condensed…”)





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1.     Vortex-Nernst effect in cuprates (2003)         

2.     Life on a triangular lattice:  Physics of layered Cobalt Oxide (2004)

3.      Enhanced Magnetization in cuprates (2005)

4.     Berry phase and the anomalous Hall and Nernst effects in ferromagnets (2005)

5.     Vorticity and phase diagram of cuprates (2006)

6.      Recent results on graphene and p-wave superconductor Sr2RuO4 (2007)

7.      High-field states of Dirac-like electrons in graphene and bismuth (2008)

8.      Boulder School on Condensed Matter Physics 2008:   3 tutorial talks on superconductivity (2008)

9.      High-field ground state of graphene (KITP talk, 2008)

10.  High-field ground state of graphene (March meeting American Physical Society, Symposium 2009)

11.  Introduction to Topological Insulators (U. Toronto seminar, Nov. 2009)

12.  Lectures at Lewiner Inst. Theoretical Physics, Technion (April 2010)

13.  Transport Experiments on Topological Insulators (Princeton Cond. Mat. Summer School 2010)




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