Friday April 20, 2018

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Rock Out! Intramural Bouldering Competition
March 3, 3:00 - 7:00 PM, OA Climbing Wall

Campus Recreational Sports and OA are sponsoring the ROCK OUT! Bouldering Comp. Bouldering is a style of rock climbing done without a rope on very short climbs close to the ground. A bouldering problem is a specific route with a designated point value. Participants gain points both by climbing as many routes as possible, and by climbing routes that have higher point values. See how many points you can get for as long as you want to climb! The Top 3 Male & Top 3 Female Winners will receive IM Champion Shirts. IM Points awarded to all participants and winners!
This comp is open to everyone, whether you have any experience or are new to bouldering! All your need are a pair of climbing shoes - provided by OA.

Sample Bouldering Comp


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