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Inside of the Chapel (Photo by Jacob Bregman '06)
Inside of the Chapel

The University Chapel is the third largest college chapel in the world. Completed in 1928, the chapel is used primarily for weekly denominational and nondenominational services. The Chapel is the University’s largest indoor facility, and throughout the year the University holds several official, non-religious ceremonies here, such as Opening Exercises and the Service of Commemoration.

Although Princeton was founded in 1746 by New Light Presbyterians during the First Great Awakening, the University has always been officially non-sectarian. Today you'll find an active and diverse religious life on campus, with about 25 student religious groups working with our Office of Religious Life.

University Chapel, front (Photo by Xochiquetzal Martinez '04)
University Chapel, front

University Chapel, side (Photo by Jacob Bregman '06)
University Chapel, side


History and Lore

·         History of the chapel and architect Ralph Adams Cram

More Information

·         Religious groups

·         Chapel architecture and features

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