A New Technological Era for American Agriculture

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Full Report ~8346K
Front Matter ~51K

1: Overview and Summary ~428K
2: Emerging Plant Technologies ~645K
3: Emerging Animal Technologies ~674K
4: Advanced Computer Technology ~1237K
5: Productivity Implications of New Technologies ~525K
6: Management Implications of New Technologies ~858K
7: Environmental Issues:Institutions and Their Regulatory Roles ~647K
8: Scientific Issues:Risk Assessment and Risk Management ~678K
9: Issues and Policy Options ~181K
10: Regulatory Agencies and Their Statutory Authority ~220K
11: Scientific Issues in Food Safety ~415K
12: Public Perceptions of Food Safety ~315K
13: Food Safety Issues and Policy Options ~117K
14: Food Quality:The Relevance of Food Grades ~652K
15: Intellectual Property Rights for Biotechnology and Computer Software ~342K
16: Institutional Change Within the Land-Grant System ~263K

A: Glossary of Acronyms ~16K
B: Glossary of Terms ~33K
C: Commissioned Papers and Authors ~28K
D:Acknowledgements ~22K
Index ~147K