Multinationals and the U.S. Technology Base

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Full Report ~6066K
Front Matter ~166K
Table of Contents ~148K

Part I: Summary, Findings, and Policy Options ~167K
1: Globalization in Perspective ~845K
2: U.S. Technology Policy in International Economic Perspective ~472K
Part II: National Technology Innovation and Multinational Firms ~161K
3: The U.S. Technology Base in Comparative Perspective ~1113K
4: Multinationals and the Location of Innovation ~1013K
Part III: Trade and Investment in the Triad ~154K
5: Trends in Foreign Direct Investment ~1170K
6: Multinational Firms and International Trade ~808K
Part IV: Corporate Foundations of National Technology Systems ~168K
7: Corporate Governance and National Technology Systems ~677K
8: Corporate Finance and National Technology Systems ~488K

A: Glossary ~144K
B: Summary of the First Multinationals Report (September 1993) ~143K
C: Competition Policy Across the Triad ~215K
D: Data Note ~138K
Index ~225K