Innovative Biological Technologies for Lesser Developed Countries

NTIS order #PB86-121738

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Full Report ~3361K
Front Matter ~25K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: The Potential of Innovative Technologies ~99K
2: The Role of the Agency for International Development ~86K
3: Underexploited Plant and Animal Resources for Developing Country Agriculture ~66K
4: Native Plants: An Innovative Biological Technology ~227K
5: Multiple Cropping Systems: A Basis for Developing an Alternative Agriculture ~238K
6: Development of Low Water and Low Nitrogen Requiring Plant Ecosystems for Arid Land Developing Countries ~208K
7: Azolla, A Low Cost Aquatic Green Manure for Agricultural Crops ~505K
8: Using Zeolites in Agriculture ~652K
9: AgrotechnoIogies Based on Symbiotic Systems That Fix Nitrogen ~321K
10: Mycorrhiza Agriculture Technologies ~567K
11: A Low Fertilizer Use Approach to Increasing Tropical Food Production ~268K
12: The Gene Revolution: Maximizing Yields in the Tropical Moist Forest Biome ~137K
Appendix A: A M AGIC MOUNTAIN: 2000 AD ~87K