Managing the Nation's Commercial High-Level Radioactive Waste

NTIS order #PB86-116852

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Full Report ~5864K
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Table of Contents ~8K

1: Executive Summary ~301K
2: Radioactive Waste: Its Nature and Management ~688K
3: Technology of Waste Management ~1174K
4: History of Waste Management: Setting the Stage ~123K
5: Policy Analysis: The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 in Perspective ~97K
6: The Mission Plan ~460K
7: Federal Institutional Issues ~391K
8: Addressing State and Public Concerns ~273K

A-1: Radioactive Waste Management Policymaking ~620K
A-2: Major Events in Waste Management History-1944-81 ~210K
B: Waste Management System Issues Resolved in the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 ~254K
C: The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of .1982 ~1216K
D: Performance Requirements for a Geologic Repository as Specified in Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulation 10 CFR Part 60 ~14K
E: Procedure for Establishing a Repository for Commercial Nuclear Waste ~19K
F: Spent Fuel Projections ~30K
G: Repository or MRS Loading Capacity Required To Remove Spent Fuel From Reactor Sites Within 10 and 15 Years After.... ~56K
H: Glossary,Acronyms, and Abbreviations ~45K
Index ~84K