International Competition in Services: Banking, Building, Software, Know-How...

NTIS order #PB87-212403

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Full Report ~7669K
Front Matter ~36K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: Summary ~773K
2: Services in the World Economy ~892K
3: International Competition in Banking and Financial Services ~601K
4: International Competition in Engineering and Construction ~939K
5: Information Technology Services: Software, Telecommunications, Data Processing, and Information Services ~1069K
6: Technology Trade: Licensing by U.S.-Based Firms ~617K
7: Jobs in the Services ~549K
8: Moving Toward a High-Skill Economy: Computer Applications and Work Organization in the Services ~438K
9: Foreign Government Policies ~573K
10: U.S. Government Policies: Issues and Options ~1158K

A: Glossary ~37K
B: Analyzing Competitiveness in the Services ~60K
Index ~182K