Power On! New Tools for Teaching and Learning

NTIS order #PB89-114276

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Full Report ~11420K
Front Matter ~38K
Table of Contents ~40K

1: Summary ~1415K
2: Interactive Technology in Today's Classrooms ~489K
3: The Impact of Technology on Learning ~992K
4: Cost-Effectiveness: Dollars and Sense ~953K
5: The Teacher's Role ~2499K
6: Software: Quantity, Quality, and the Marketplace ~1827K
7: Research and Development: Past Support, Promising Directions ~1803K
8: Technology and the Future of Classroom Instruction ~817K

A: State Activities in Educational Technology ~484K
B: Characteristics Considered in Evaluating Educational Software ~44K
C: U.S. Department of Education Principal Programs Providing Funds for Technology in Education ~109K
D: List of Acronyms ~6K
E: Contractor Reports ~11K
F: Workshop Participants and Reviewers and Contributors ~150K