Neurotoxicity: Identifying and Controlling Poisons of the Nervous System

NTIS order #PB90-252511

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Full Report ~10397K
Front Matter ~48K
Table of Contents ~3K

1: Summary, Policy Issues, and Options for Congressional Action ~972K
2: Introduction ~700K
3: Fundamentals of neurotoxicology ~1074K
4: Research and Education Programs ~463K
5: Testing and Monitoring ~1402K
6: Assessing and Managing Risk ~477K
7: The Federal Regulatory Response ~2095K
8: Economic Considerations in Regulating Neurotoxic Substances ~467K
9: International Regulatory and Research Activities ~1095K
10: Case Studies: Exposure to Lead, Pesticides in Agriculture, and Organic Solvents in the Workplace ~1325K

A: The Food Additive Approval Process: A Case Study ~96K
B: Workshop on Federal Interagency Coordination of Neurotoxicity Research and Regulatory Programs ~56K
C: Decade of the Brain ~10K
D: Acknowledgments ~16K
E: List of Contractor Documents ~3K
F: Glossary of Terms and List of Acronyms ~55K
Index ~197K