Management of Fuel and Nonfuel Minerals in Federal Land

NTIS order #PB-295788

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Full Report ~8178K
Front Matter ~25K
Table of Contents ~15K

Executive Summary ~88K
1: Introduction ~37K
2: Mineral Exploration, Development, and Production: Technology, Participants, and the Role of Federal Onshore Land ~692K
3: History and Main Elements of the Federal Onshore Mineral Land Management Systems ~167K
4: Coordinating Mineral Activities ~1048K
5: Coordinating Mineral and Non mineral Activities ~660K
6: Coordinating Federal, State, and Local Controls and Payment Requirements ~754K

A: The Role of Onshore Federal Land With Respect to Production of Essential Mineral Commodities ~553K
B: Statistical Data on the Availability of Federal Onshore Land for Mineral Activity in 1975 ~645K
C: Survey of Mineral Industry on Techniques, Parties, Costs, Acreages, and Times For Exploration, Development, and Production... ~3537K