Materials and Energy From Municipal Waste

NTIS order #PB-300849

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Full Report ~4571K
Front Matter ~41K
Table of Contents ~5K

1: Executive Summary ~602K
2: Introduction and Framework for Analysis ~119K
3: The Marketability of Recovered Resources: Status and Policy Options ~200K
4: Source Separation for Materials and Energy Recovery ~808K
5: Technologies for Centralized Resource Recovery ~421K
6: Economics of Centralized Resource Recovery ~149K
7: Institutional Problems in Centralized Resource Recovery: Issues and Policy Responses ~255K
8: Economic Policy,Waste Generation, and Recycling ~186K
9: Beverage Container Deposit Legislation ~1392K

A: Selected Federal Laws Related to Resource Recovery,Recycling, and Reuse ~89K
B: Legislative Activity in the 95th Congress Related to Resource Recovery, Recovery and Reuse ~25K
C: Description of Resource Recovery Technologies ~305K
D: Additional Information on Beverage Container Legislation ~75K
Acronyms,Abbreviations, and Glossary ~3K
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations ~9K
Glossary ~98K