Impacts of Applied Genetics: Micro-Organisms, Plants, and Animals

NTIS order #PB81-206609

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Full Report ~5389K
Front Matter ~36K
Table of Contents ~33K

1: Summary: Issues and Options ~351K
2: Introduction ~299K

Part I: Biotechnology
3: Genetic Engineering and the Fermentation Technologies ~122K
4: The Pharmaceutical Industry ~252K
5: The Chemical Industry ~268K
6: The Food Processing Industry ~115K
7: The Use of Genetically Engineered Micro-Organisms in the Environment ~132K

Part II: Agriculture
8: The Application of Genetics to Plants ~444K
9: Advances in Reproductive Biology and Their Effects on Animal Improvement ~781K

Part III: Institutions and Societty
10: The Question of Risk ~455K
11: Regulation of Genetic Engineering ~254K
12: Patenting Living Organisms ~205K
13: Genetics and Society ~135K

I-A: A Case Study of Acetaminophen Production ~354K
I-B: A Timetable for the Commercial Production of Compunds Using... ~271K
I-C: Chemical and Biological Processes ~13K
I-D: The Impact of Genetics on Ethanol--A Case Study ~811K
II-A: A Case Study of Wheat ~19K
II-B: Genetics and the Forest Products Industry Case Study ~52K
II-C: Animal Fertilization Technologies ~41K
III-A: History of the Recombinant DNA Debate ~88K
III-B: Constitutional Constraints on Regulation ~33K
III-C: Information on International Guidelines for Recombinant DNA ~90K
IV: Planning Workshop Participants,Other Contractors and Contributors, and Acknowledgements ~89K