MEDLARS and Health Information Policy

NTIS order #PB83-168658

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Full Report ~1581K
Front Matter ~37K
Table of Contents ~14K

1: Introduction and Background ~37K
2: MEDLARS ~217K
3: MEDLARS: System- Related Issues ~60K
4: Private Sector Health Information Systems ~82K
5: Public and Private Information Sectors: Elements of Current Domestic Policy Issues ~92K
6: MEDLARS and Private Health Information Systems: Discussion of Domestic Policy Issues ~103K

A: The National Library of Medicine: Organization and Activities ~498K
B: U.S. Information Policies ~37K
C: MEDLARS Evaluations: A Review of the Literature ~37K
D: Development of Computerized Biomedical Bibliographic Retrieval Systems ~15K
E: MEDLINE: Technical Processes ~22K
F: Public Sector/Private Sector Task Force of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science: Principles and ... ~16K
H: Future Information Technologies: Implications for Biomedical Retrieval Systems ~54K
I: Issues in International Access to MEDLARS ~67K
J: Health Program Advisory Committee and Acknowledgments ~13K
K: Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Glossary ~17K
References ~272K