The Information Content of Premanufacture Notices

NTIS order #PB83-241059

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Full Report ~920K
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Table of Contents ~15K

1: Summary ~47K
2: "New Chemicals" and the Toxic Substances Control Act ~67K
3: Methods Used in Study of Information Content of Premanufacture Notices ~78K
4: Frequency of Submission of TSCA-Specified Data on Premanufacture Notices ~296K
5: Frequency of Submission of Physical-Chemical Information on Premanufacture Notices ~71K
6: Frequency of Submission of Toxicity Information on Premanufacture Notices ~109K
7: Submission of Physical-Chemical and Toxicity Information on Some Subgroups of Premanufacture Notices ~178K
8: Actions Taken by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Result of Reviewing Premanufacture Notices ~23K
9: Discussion ~34K

A: Summary of Topics Considered at Evaluation Meeting During Initial Screen of Premanufacture Notices... ~10K
B: Copies of Face Sheets: EPA and CMA PMN Forms ~25K
C: Acknowledgments ~9K
D: Acronyms and Glossary ~9K
References ~41K