International Competitiveness in Electronics

NTIS order #PB84-170695

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Full Report ~8564K
Front Matter ~50K
Table of Contents ~5K

1: Part A: Summary ~422K
Part B: Extended Summary ~387K
2: Introduction ~129K
3: Electronics Technology ~885K
4: Structure and Trade in the International Electronics Industry ~1105K
5: Competitiveness in the International Electronics Industry ~616K
6: Manufacturing: Quality, Reliability, and Automation ~747K
7: Financing: Its Role in Competitiveness in Electronics ~781K
8: Human Resources: Education, Training, Management ~678K
9: Employment Effects ~598K
10: National Industrial Policies ~722K
11: U.S. Trade Policies and Their Effects ~516K
12: Federal Policies Affecting Electronics: Options for the United States ~485K

A: Glossary ~40K
B: Offshore Manufacturing ~298K
Index ~329K