| Princeton Astrobiology Club Charter |

I. Title

The name of this group shall be "Princeton Astrobiology Club" (P-ABC). At the present time we operate as an independent student organization at Princeton University and are unaffiliated at the national level.

II. Purpose

The purpose of Princeton Astrobiology Club shall be to promote interest in astrobiology on campus and beyond through discussions, lecture events, field trips, community outreach, and more.  We are comprised of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members alike from a broad range of scientific and non-scientific fields.  We seek to bring more research and internship opportunities to campus and to increase general awareness about relevant space-related happenings.

III. Membership

Membership shall be composed of students, faculty, and staff of Princeton University. Persons with no University affiliation (such as community citizens) have full access to P-ABC happenings but are not entitled to voting privileges.  Moreover, priority shall always be given to University affiliated members when field trips or other high-priority events are limited in number of participants.  Student members must possess an honest interest in astrobiology and must meet the specified attendance/participation requirements outlined below. We agree to abide by the Princeton University policy prohibiting discrimination in organizational membership on the basis of race, color, culture, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, or veteran status.

IV. Officers

Officers must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be appropriately informed about the field of astrobiology.  Such persons will be elected by a majority vote in an all-membership and be approved by the Alumni Committee.  Terms last exactly one year.  Re-election is allowed.  All outgoing officers are responsible for training newly elected officers.  Offices include but are not limited to the following:

The role of the president will be to oversee all club functions and be the face of P-ABC.  He/she is ultimately responsible for every club event, announcement, and promotion.  The president shall act as the liaison to the university administrators (including the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Students), faculty, staff, and students. Tasks should be distributed by the president to other officers and club members.  The president has the right to amend this charter whenever necessary to best promote the purpose of P-ABC. 

Vice President:
If the president is unable to fulfill his/her position for any reason, the vice president becomes directly responsible. The vice president shall conduct monthly membership meetings with guest speakers presenting on astrobiology-related topics.  It is the role of the vice president to plan such meetings and coordinate with the marketing chair to advertise them throughout the university.  A detailed calendar of events should be constructed and updated frequently by the vice president. 

The role of the treasurer shall be to manage finances of the club. Whenever a function is planed, the treasurer is responsible for keeping a record of expenditures.  The treasure must coordinate his/her efforts with the ODUS and University administrators.  Fundraising, alumni giving, and other sources of funding shall be channeled through the treasurer.  He/she is encouraged to submit reports and balances to the president and vice president twice per semester. 

Speaker Coordinator:
The speaker coordinator shall be in charge of contacting guest lecturers, planning featured lecture events, and overseeing all travel/accommodations for such visiting persons.    

Marketing Chair
The role of marketing chair is to promote and advertise all P-ABC happenings using a variety of mediums (e-mails, flyers, websites, newspapers, etc). 

The webmaster is responsible for creating and updating a useful P-ABC website under directions from the president and vice-president. 

V. Alumni Committee

The purpose of the Alumni Committee shall be to give direction and advice to current P-ABC officers.  Networking, fundraising, research/job opportunities are among items relevant to the Alumni Committee.  It is the acting president’s job to keep the Alumni Committee updated on all P-ABC activities.   Starting after 2007, the Alumni Committee shall consist of the P-ABC co-founders. Each year one graduating senior member shall be invited by the P-ABC alumni committee to join. 

VI. Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors are informal and encouraged.  Current efforts are coordinated with Ed Turner (Astrophysics), Tullis Onstott (Geosciences), Charles Dismukes (Chemistry), Ed Stiefel (Chemistry), Laura Landweber (Ecological and Evolutionary Biology), Michael Strauss (Astrophysics), David Spergel (Astrophysics), Carl Pilcher (Woodrow Wilson School), and Christopher Chyba (Woodrow Wilson School) whenever appropriate. 

VII. Princeton Center for Planets and Life

The Princeton Center for Planets and Life (PCPL) – pending its official name and status – shall be chiefly responsible for P-ABC’s funding and networking.  All P-ABC efforts shall be coordinated with PCPL.  In addition, the P-ABC president will sit on any relevant PCPL committees which we are invited to participate in.   

VIII. Certificate in Astrobiology

P-ABC should be an active participant in securing a certificate in astrobiology available to Princeton University undergraduate students. 

IX. By-Laws

Section 1. Membership
Members have the right to attend club functions and are entitled to voting privileges on all club items.  Members are always given priority in any P-ABC event.  One officer shall be in attendance at every club meeting.  Members are required to attend at least two meetings per semester to maintain such status.  

Section 2. Community Outreach
Community outreach shall be conducted within the local school district, promoting P-ABC and astrobiology to youngsters.  At least one experience in community outreach is required for any field trip privilege. 

Section 3.  Field Trips
Field trips shall be planned by the elected officers and coordinated with the university administration.  All funds/travel expenses should be subsidized by P-ABC.  Full membership requirements must be met to be eligible for field trips. 

Section 4. Elections
Officer elections will be held annually in December at the conclusion of fall semester, unless circumstances require an early election. The elections shall be done as a simple majority vote.  Results should be ratified by the Alumni Committee. 

Section 5. Amendment of By-Laws
A majority vote by members may amend any by-law in this charter.

Section 6. Honorary Membership
Honorary membership can be granted to any friend of P-ABC outside the university community, such as past speakers, other university astrobiology organizations, NASA employees, etc. 

Section 7. Astrobiology Conferences
Two members of P-ABC shall attend annual astrobiology conferences, typically held at the University of Colorado.  Attendees shall be chosen by the Officers and should be based on club experience and seniority.  P-ABC shall host a national astrobiology conference of its own, when ready.