June 6, 2001 Books

Recently published books by alumni and faculty

Predicting the Past: An Exploration of Myth, Science, and Prehistory - Roger Williams Wescott '46 *48. Kronos $38. A summation of the author's thoughts regarding mythology, human prehistory, and catas- trophism. Wescott is an emeritus professor of anthropology and linguistics at Drew.

Planemakers of Western Pennsylvania and Environs - Charles W. Prine, Jr. '48. Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania $19.95. Biographical sketches of 30 early 19th-century makers of wood carpentry planes, illustrated with color and black and white photographs of the planes they crafted. Prine's collection of 287 of these artifacts is on permanent exhibit at the Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center.

The Book of Madness and Love - Arthur L. Clements '54. Bordighera $10. This collection of poetry draws upon family tragedy to celebrate the sacredness of life. Clements is a professor of English at SUNY, Binghamton.

Dog Bites Man: City Shocked! - James Duffy '56. Simon & Schuster $24. This novel imagines the chaos that ensues when the mayor of New York City is exposed as the culprit behind the mysterious killing of a socialite's beloved pet dog. Duffy lives in New York City.

Tokyo Q, 2001-2002: Annual Guide to the City - Rick Kennedy '57 et al. Stone Bridge Press $9.95. Offers a range of tips for visitors, including the most authentic sake bars, the gaudiest of Tokyo's "love hotels," the most convenient place to buy a butterfly, and the best public baths. Kennedy lives in Tokyo.

Governance in a Globalizing World - edited by Joseph S. Nye, Jr. '58 and John D. Donahue. Brookings Institution $47.95 cloth/$18.95 paper. The contributors consider how patterns of globalization are evolving and how these patterns affect governance within nation-states, as well as how globalism itself might be governed. Nye is dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Learning by Heart - Roland S. Barth '59. Jossey-Bass $24.95. Argues for school reform that encourages risk taking and invention as the critical preconditions for building a community of learners and leaders. Barth founded the Harvard Principals' Center and the International Network of Principals' Centers.

Blind Ambition - Douglas F. Greer '61. iUniverse.com $15.95. This medical thriller offers an insider's view of the world of impaired eyesight and laser eye surgery and takes a disturbing look behind high-tech "miracles." Greer practices ophthalmology and eye surgery in Washington, D.C.

A Hubert Henry Harrison Reader - edited by Jeffrey B. Perry '68. Wesleyan $70 cloth/$24.95 paper. Collects the writings of "the father of Harlem radicalism," tracing his contributions to the debates on race, class, culture, and politics of his time. Perry is an independent scholar.

The Impact of Public Opinion on U.S. Foreign Policy Since Vietnam: Constraining the Colossus - Richard Sobel '71. Oxford $49.95 cloth/$24.95 paper. Focusing on the Vietnam War, the Nicaraguan Contra funding controversy, the Persian Gulf War, and the Bosnia crisis, the author demonstrates that public opinion impinged on but did not set American foreign policy. Sobel is a political scientist at Harvard.

Where Is Grandpa? - T. A. Barron '74. Philomel $15.99. An illustrated children's book that explores death and the grieving process through a family's memories. Barron lives in Colorado.

Mao's War against Nature: Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China - Judith Shapiro '75. Cambridge $59.95 cloth/ $18.95 paper. Explores the environmental mismanagement, persecution of intellectuals, and wrongheaded agricultural schemes that turned much of China into an environmental disaster area. Shapiro teaches environmental politics at American University.

Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search for Sacred Art - Debora Silverman '75 *83. Farrar, Straus & Giroux $60. A study of the ways in which the divergent religious backgrounds of the two artists shaped their painting techniques and subjects. Silverman is a professor of history and art history at UCLA.

The Burn Rate Diet - Stephen R. Van Schoyck '75. HarperResource $24. The author's program for weight control is based upon individual metabolism; the book uses a Web site component to provide a personalized, prescriptive approach. Van Schoyck is a clinical psychologist in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Cuba and the Politics of Passion - Damián J. Fernández '79. Texas $37.50 cloth/$16.95 paper. Examines the ways in which emotion shaped political attitudes and action in Cuba throughout the 20th century. Fernández is an associate professor of international relations at Florida International University.

Sightlines: The View of a Valley Through the Voice of Depression - Terry Osborne '81. University Press of New England $26. The author links his personal odyssey through depression with exploration of the physical environment bordering his house in Vermont. Osborne teaches in the English department and the environmental studies program at Dartmouth.

Cicero, Catullus, and the Language of Social Performance - Brian A. Krostenko '86. Chicago $70 cloth/$30 paper. Discusses the complexities and ambiguities of charm, wit, and style in Roman literature of the late Republic, demonstrating that a key feature of this language is its capacity to express both approval and disdain. Krostenko is an assistant professor of classics at the University of Chicago.

Navigating Failure: Bankruptcy and Commercial Society in Antebellum America - Edward J. Balleisen '87. University of North Carolina $49.95 cloth/$18.95 paper. Explores the economic roots and social meanings of bankruptcy and assesses the impact of widespread insolvency on American law, business culture, and commercial society. Balleisen is an assistant professor of history at Duke.

Suspect Identities: A History of Fingerprinting and Criminal Identification - Simon A. Cole '89. Harvard $35. Traces the modern system of fingerprint identification to the 19th-century bureaucratic state and its desire to track and control increasingly mobile "melting pot" populations. Cole is a science historian living in New York.

Black, White & Chrome: The United States and Zimbabwe, 1953-1998 - Andrew DeRoche '89. Africa World Press $29.95. Focuses upon the increasing importance of race relations in U.S. foreign policy from the 1960s through the 1980s. DeRoche teaches at Front Range Community College near Denver.

Living Our Language: Ojibwe Tales & Oral Histories, a Bilingual Anthology - edited and translated by Anton Treuer '91. Minnesota Historical Society $29.95 cloth/$19.95 paper. This collection of stories from Anishinaabe elders includes oral histories, personal reminiscences, educational tales, and humorous anecdotes. Treuer is an assistant professor of history at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Dueling Visions: U.S. Strategy toward Eastern Europe under Eisenhower - Ronald R. Krebs '95. Texas A&M $29.95. Argues that two divergent images of Eastern Europe's ultimate status - Finlandization and liberation from Soviet control - competed to guide American policy during Eisenhower's administration. Krebs is a doctoral candidate in political science at Columbia.

Another Different Life - Marisa Kantor Stark '95. iPublish.com $4.95. In this novel, a strong and driven immigrant from Costa Rica brings her teenage son to live with her in America but finds she is ill-equipped to parent a defiant adolescent. Stark lives in New York City.

Adaptive Method of Lines - edited by A. Vande Wouwer, P. Saucez, and W. E. Schiesser *60. Chapman & Hall $89.95. This textbook reflects the diversity of techniques and applications related to the general Method of Lines, a procedure that provides a format for the solution of the major classes of partial differential equations. Schiesser is a professor of mathematics and engineering at Lehigh.

The Commonplace Book of William Byrd II of Westover - edited by Kevin Berland, Jan Kirsten Gilliam, and Kenneth A. Lockridge *65. University of North Carolina $39.95. A collection of moral wit and wisdom gleaned from reading and conversation by an important figure in the history of colonial Virginia. Lockridge is a professor of history at the University of Montana.

Storm on the Horizon: The Challenge to American Intervention, 1939-1941 - Justus D. Doenecke *66. Rowman & Littlefield $39.95. Discusses criticism of FDR's increasingly interventionist policies as the U.S. moved closer to war. Doenecke is a professor of history at New College of the University of South Florida.

The Ladies' Etiquette Handbook - edited by David E. Schoonover *75. Iowa $24.95. A tribute to past cultural obsessions, this book reprints two late 19th-century publications that offered advice on church etiquette, the proper handling of cutlery, recipes, proper word pronunciation, and more. Schoonover is the curator of rare books at the University of Iowa Libraries.

Waste Is a Terrible Thing to Mind: Risk, Radiation, and Distrust of Government - John Weingart *75. Center for Analysis of Public Issues $19.95. Explores the lessons learned from New Jersey's town-by-town search to locate a site for a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility. Weingart is the associate director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers.

Conscience and Other Virtues: From Bonaventure to McIntyre - Douglas Langston *78. Penn State $40. Considers the ethical and theological issues raised by selected Western thinkers. Langston is a professor of philosophy and religion at New College of the University of South Florida.

Constructing Class and Nationality in Alsace, 1830-1945 - David Allen Harvey *95. Northern Illinois $40. Argues that as France and Germany attempted to impose their national identity on the region, workers responded by adopting a cultural policy that reflected their own political and class interests. Harvey is an assistant professor of history at New College of the University of South Florida.

Thinking Orientals: Migration, Contact, and Exoticism in Modern America - Henry Yu *95. Oxford $35. Reveals the influential role played by Asian Americans in constructing their cultural identities in the U.S, and details how theories about Asians as a "model minority" were created in the aftermath of Japanese-American internment. Yu is an assistant professor of history at UCLA.


Global Political Economy: Understanding the International Economic Order - Robert Gilpin. Princeton $59.50 cloth/$18.95 paper. Focuses on the economic, political, and technological forces that have transformed the world since 1987, demonstrating that the most critical determinants of economic affairs continue to be national policies and domestic economies. Gilpin is the Dwight D. Eisenhower professor of international affairs, emeritus.

Creative Spirituality: The Way of the Artist - Robert Wuthnow. California $27.50. Explores the link between the creative and the sacred and suggests that artists have become the spiritual vanguard of our time. Wuthnow is a professor of sociology and the director of the Center for the Study of Religion.

The Harvard College Guide to Careers in Public Service - Ande Diaz. Harvard OCS Publications $15. Designed for students, recent graduates, and those contemplating a career change, this book surveys opportunities in public service, outlines strategies for a successful job search, and includes career portraits representing a variety of professional paths. Diaz is an assistant dean of undergraduate students at Princeton.

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