June 5 , 2002: Snapshot

Stylin’, Stylin’, Stylin’

By Josephine Sittenfeld ’02

Time was that showing up at a party in the same dress as another woman was a faux pas of the worst magnitude. Today, as Jackie Arcario ’04 (right) says, “Oh, well — it was funny.” Arcario and her classmates Verity Schaye (left) and Neha Gandhi (middle) were only half of the estimated six May 5 Lawnparties attendees to sport the dress, which had been featured in In Style magazine. Schaye, a premed, anthropology major from New York City, is a member of Tiger Inn; Gandhi, an English major from Atlanta, is an independent; and Arcario, a history major from Longwood, Florida, is a member of Ivy.


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