July 3, 2002: From the Editor

A sampling of PAW covers reflects recent newsworthy Princeton events.

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about my return to New Jersey and Princeton. In reality, it was three Reunions, 41 issues, one president, at least four deans, millions of dollars of construction, two lacrosse national championships, 13 cruelly shortened lives, and one baby boy ago, and the time has suddenly come to move on.

As I go — not far, still close enough for season football tickets and the occasional basketball game — I can’t help but reflect on what I’ve learned. At the risk of sounding like a Robert Fulghum book, here are a few:

Never mess with PAW memorials.

Always be sure “Princeton” can be read on PAW’s cover from five yards away, with or without bifocals.

The classes of the ’40s truly do belong to the Greatest Generation.

Princeton alumni take grammar very, very seriously.

Henry Ford II did not go to Princeton.

Everyone else did. (Maybe it only seems that way.)

“Architecture” and “endowment” are fighting words.

Trix Bennett ’31 did carry the ball over the goal line with seconds left in the 1930 football game against Yale.

Some people still don’t think women belong at Princeton.

Lacrosse is a cool sport.

Class Notes really are the soul of PAW.

Most important: There are never enough pages.

Thank you for challenging me, for inspiring me, for enlightening me, for exasperating me, and for making me laugh. I hope that from time to time PAW has done the same for you.



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