July 3, 2002: Snapshot

Pulling Together

By Frank Wojciechowski

The Class of 1947 held a 55th Reunion Row on Saturday, June 1, on Lake Carnegie, only the second class to put on such an event. (The first was the Class of 1943.) In honor of President Tilghman, the crew invited members of this year’s women’s crew to join them. The rowers dedicated their efforts to the memory of their late classmate Bob Lorndale, who took part in their 50th Reunion Row, and to the Princetonians killed on September 11, who included Buff Wohlforth ’76, son of their classmate Bob Wohlforth.

The boat held, from left, Michelle Parris ’04, Kim Taggart ’04, Dave Gebhard ’47, Tucker Bittel ’05, Tom Faix ’47, Aleca Stirling ’05 (obscured), Bill Porter ’47, Peter Andrews ’47 (obscured), and Christina Otero ’05.


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