Web Exclusives: Raising Kate
a PAW web exclusive column by Kate Swearengen '04 (kswearen@princeton.edu)

July 7, 2004:

So long…it’s been real
And, yes, I learned a lot

Raising Kate Archives, Volume 04:

June 9, 2004:

Seniors: Getting ready for life
And looking at the past

May 12, 2004:

Race to the end
When it’s more than black, or white
April 21, 2004:

Theses and T-Shirts

April 7, 2004:


Basketball once more
It’s never too late to enjoy a game, even if your thesis is due

March 24, 2004:

Party over here
Spring chickens seem to do it best

March 10, 2004: Princeton marches on
From Alumni Day to pricey brownie confections

February 25, 2004:


Been there, done that
Parents Weekend senior-year style

February 11, 2004: With a little bit 'o luck
Traveling to Dublin over intersession
January 28, 2004: Old and new
Centaurs, the 'Wa, and the Nass
December 17, 2003: Mail call
November 19, 2003:

A woman in plaid, or was that a man
The land of Scotland near and far


November 5, 2003:
Courtyards and their hazards

October 22, 2003:


Fall and falling down
Classes, parties, and the Jewish new year

October 8, 2003:

The way of the precept: Inspired or impossible?
The university seeks to improve experience for undergraduates

September 10, 2003:

Rites of passage
A summer abroad, a broadening summer

Raising Kate Archives, Volume 03:

July 2, 2003:
And so it goes...
From Commencement to admissions
June 4, 2003:
The end is near
May 14, 2003:
Spring at Princeton
Lambs, grades, and SARS

April 23, 2003:


They aren't like you or me
Graduate students take it on the chin during appreciation week

April 9, 2003:


Well really of movies, dinosaurs, and, oh yes, spring break

March 26, 2003:

Rabbi on the Street
Phish fan plays for Princeton students

March 12, 2003: Of the campus
Winter and winter
February 26, 2003:
Activism, Princeton-style
Social justice inside and outside FitzRandolph Gate

February 12, 2003:


Dorm room draw
It's not who you are, or is it?

January 29, 2003:

There's no collegiate gothic in Cairo
Yearning for green among the dunes of Egypt

December 18, 2002:

The final days of Cairo

December 4, 2002 The holy month of Ramadan
Fasting and observing in Cairo
November 20, 2002:

Of a broken wrist and a hospital visit
Setting a bone the Egyptian way

November 11, 2002:

More letters from Cairo to family and friends

October 23, 2002:


Staying nonpolitical in Cairo
Students, fashion-conscious, wake up to protest

October 9, 2002:

It's a small world in Egypt
Where music and distant relatives are common currency

September 11, 2002: My Arabic summer
Heading for Egypt now requires more than just guts

Raising Kate Archives, Volume 02:

July 7, 2002: Summertime, and the living is hard
Princeton kids just don't stop
June 5, 2002:
Being from Texas is no laughing matter
The right smile can open even the hardest heart

May 15, 2002:

Weekend warriors
From NYC clubs to comedians on wheels

April 24, 2002: Je ne regrette rien
Or why I didn't get that Foreign Relations internship
April 10, 2002: An amble down Princeton Lane
From crew to conjunctivitis to construction
March 27, 2002: Space time
Rubbing shoulders with stars and dwarfs and ET
March 13, 2002 A losing proposition?
Eating clubs bring out the best and worst
February 27, 2002: Intercession Training in Tampa, Round II
Of mustaches, tattoos, and speeding yachts
February 13, 2002: Nerds or not?
The Secret Lives of Graduate Students
January 30 , 2002: Student vs. athlete, an ongoing debate
Former president Shapiro's remarks rankle
December 19, 2001:
Thanksgiving Weekend in New York
December 5 , 2001: Patriot, president, and preacher
The latest addition to the university's sculpture collection is unveiled
November 21, 2001:
November 7, 2001: There's a song in my heart for New Jersey Transit
I may not know anything about trains, but I know what I like
October 24, 2001: Tilghman: The big cheese and the big to-do
A gala night, lights, dancing, and what are those hors d'oeuvres called?
October 10, 2001: Offering to help the frosh move in
A sophomore finds the new kids in the quads, well, different
By Kate Swearengen '02
September 12, 2001: From Columbia, Missouri:
Late-summer thoughts about Princeton


Raising Kate Archives, Volume 01:

9/13/00 Princetonians at large
An incoming freshman gets a close look at some fellow Tigers
10/11/00 Princeton - Week two
Exploring the world around me
Eating with Princetonians
Free food brings free laughs
11/8/00 Intimidation, humiliation, and regret
Another day at Princeton
11/22/00 Eating peanut butter with a ballpoint
And other pastimes during fall break on campus
12/6/00 Rock, kick, rocks
A Princeton weekend of pleasure and prehistory
12/20/00 Okay, Princeton, tolerate this!
It does matter where you're from, except when it comes to ergs
1/24/01 A Day to Remember, or not
2/7/01 Pay for performance
Different standards for faculty and wage-earners?
2/21/01 Intersession by the sea
Dolphins by day, lap dances by night
3/7/01 Living with laundry
How the Princeton experience includes becoming friends with the lint trap
3/21/01 When spring rolls into summer
Thoughts turn from love to internships
4/4/01 Practice or precepts
When Lake Carnegie is a bit more compelling than Arabic vocabularies
4/18/01 Oh Gosh, McCosh
The trials of ailing student
5/16/01 What in the heck is Frick made of, and how do you say "R" in Arabic?
Homing in on a major is all in the details
6/6/01 My friend Liz, a high school junior wiser than her years, visited Princeton toward the end of May.
7/4/01 Summer sins
What one Princetonian's doing on her vacation
9/7/01 Audio visual on my mind
Life without TV is like going to school at PU. Thank goodness for the Garden.