Web Exclusives: Tooke's Take
a PAW web exclusive column by Wes Tooke '98 (email: cwtooke@princeton.edu)

November 6, 2002:

One for the Road
After 43 columns, it's a wrap

Tooke's Take Archives, Volume 03:

October 23, 2002: Five More Thoughts
October 9, 2002: The name of the game is Team
September 11, 2002:

Cleaning house (and mind)
Unrelated ideas related to PU

Tooke's Take Archives, Volume 02:

July 3, 2002 Searching for solutions
PAW's new editor will face big challenges
June 5, 2002: Top This
The Nassau Weekly makes a list
May 15, 2002: Party off
More musings on alcohol at Princeton
April 24, 2002: Westward-ho!
A controversial professor returns to Princeton
April 10 , 2002: Graduate Lives
University to celebrate its "other"students
March 27, 2002 Phoning it in
Best and worst moments at Princeton
March 13, 2002:

Off the rim
The basketball team inspires another rant . . .

February 27, 2002:
No Free Lunch
President Tilghman makes her first big mistake
February 13, 2002:
From the Dean
We're looking out for you since you have no sense
January 30, 2002:
Lucy and the football
Will basketball once again break our young columnist's heart?
December 19 , 2001: Handing out the hardware
As interesting as the Academy Awards; as meaningful as an Emmy...
December 5, 2001: Progeny at Princeton
Just why is it again that my son and daughter didn't get in?
November 21, 2001:
The Heart of Education
On the peril of being locked in your cranium
November 7, 2001:
Times They Are a Changin'
Our prodigal columnist returns to find a different campus
October 24, 2001: It Ain't Easy Being Green
Our columnist investigates protests, bad hair days, and assorted foolishness
October 10, 2001 Navigating Blind
Notes from our strange new world
September12, 2001: Staying Power
More nonsense on the purpose of a liberal arts education

Tooke's Take Archives, Volume 01:

9/13/00 Back to School
Lessons from a summer on the move
10/11/00 Owing
10/25/00 Finding Hal 2000
More ignorant suggestions from our young correspondent
11/8/00 Passionate Minds
Just another Saturday night in Berkeley, CA
11/22/00 How Bradley Got His Groove Back
With deep and abiding apologies to Santa Claus and his lawyers.
12/6/00 Calling all to serve the nation
But you can't comment if you haven't read the Federalist Papers
12/20/00 More Money
The right way to rip off Princeton
1/24/01 Reinventing a cynic
Our young columnist finds a new mission and many hugs
2/7/01 Hey, wake me up!
If you have something to say, anything at all, by all means post it on Princeton's listservs
2/21/01 With no loans to repay, students can do something truly in the nation's service
Office of Career Services needs to expand the options it offers
3/7/01 The Greatest Generation
Learning about sacrifice by reading Memorials
3/21/01 Miracle moment
Maybe there was no miracle, but Princeton's NCAA appearance was a gift
4/4/01 Dear Mr. Crowe,
4/18/01 Generating Folly
A broadside of silliness sends our young columnist into a funk
5/16/01 Drop the Vote
Our columnist fails another civics lesson
6/6/01 On Making a President
New administration, new targets, old issues
7/4/01 Pygmy Tennis

Tooke's Take Archives, Volume 00:

3/10/00 The Omnipresent Princeton
4/4/00 Perpetual Madness
A Princeton Basketball Fan's Obsessive Search for Scores
Problem solving in real life
6/7/00 The P-Bomb: Or Why is it so hard to say you went to Princeton?
7/1/00 Love at the speed of light
A new, exclusive Internet venture will find you the oh, so perfect mate