Meet the Profs
Princeton faculty and what they're working on

American made
Sociologist Alejandro Portes examines the children of immigrants and their assimilation

Gott Time? Watchout: Heading into the future may be coming sooner than you think, according to Richard Gott

Nonprofits rule
Julian Wolpert
, specialist on urban affairs, are one key to NYC economy

Lupus link
Martin Weigert discovers point where immunity breaks down

Ann Case *83's research isn't limited to stepfamilies
Poverty in South Africa is her other research field

More isn't always better when it comes to making a decision

Eldar Shafir, professor of psychology, finds that information alone isn't always the key

Friz Graf: Master of magic
Taking a look at sorcery in the ancient world

Robert Kaster: Classicist in the modern age
Studying ancient education and its effect on the social system

John Morgan: Web economist
Looking at how the Internet changes the way business is done

Martin Wikelski: Physiological ecologist
Measuring iguana length to study survival of the species

Fashion Victim:
Model behavior from Professor John Fleming

Pundit and professor:
Paul Krugman
explains economics in print and in class

Breaking and entering:
Professor Edward Felten's specialty is exposing security flaws on the Internet