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Letter from an alumnus about A Debate That Made Headlines

Date Posted: March 25, 2005

The potential debate between Professor Peter Singer and Professor Robert George (feature, Jan. 26) brings back memories of the strong liberal character of Princeton University when the Catholic Priest Stanton attacked Professor Walter Stace in the 1950s. Professor Stace was an atheist who taught a magnificent course on comparative religions. Father Stanton wanted Professor Stace fired from the Princeton faculty. Stanton challenged Stace to a debate that made headlines for several national newspapers, including the New York Times. Stace prevailed, after which Father Stanton committed suicide.

I suspect that Professor Peter Singer will be as staunch of a debater. Hopefully his opponent will not do anything foolish.

Walter Stace’s lectures made me a better religious and secular person. I also had the privilege to be the friends of his two children.

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