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Letter from an alumnus about Keeping A Volunteer Army

Date Posted: March 25, 2005

Re the letter by Julie List ’78 (Jan. 26), I commend her for her interest that led to her letter. But I would like to bring up a salient fact concerning her statement, “Before we know it, a draft could be reinstated.” The Kerry forces made this charge before the Nov. 2 election. This led to a bill to reinstate the draft being introduced in the House in early October 2004. It was overwhelmingly defeated. Even some of the Democrats sponsoring the bill voted against it! The Republicans stated then (and now) they want to keep a volunteer force.

Secondly, she states: “Kids are dying in Iraq for no discernible reason.” The reason became apparent on Jan. 30 when the Iraqis (worldwide) voted in large numbers in their first free election (even while being shot at by insurgents). They joyfully voted despite terrorist threats. Their percentage turnout rivaled the U.S. voter turnout Nov. 2, 2004.


Mishawaka, Ind.

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