A letter from a reader: Encouraging study abroad

March 19, 2008:

It was discouraging to read in the letter from Jeremy Medina '64 (Jan. 23) that Princeton students, at least in some departments, are not encouraged to study abroad. If that is the case now, it was not always so. As an Arabic and Middle Eastern studies major in the mid-1950s, I was not only encouraged but it was suggested by the chairman and professors of the OLL (now NES) department that I spend my junior year at the American University of Beirut (AUB). The opportunity to become acquainted with Arab and other international students and faculty was invaluable. Moreover, AUB offered courses in Middle Eastern history, politics, and economics not then available at Princeton. In addition to my course work there, I wrote and submitted to the OLL department the two junior papers required of all Princeton students.

Given the importance of increasing the number of Americans with foreign language and area experience, I, too, welcome President Tilghman's initiative to promote study-abroad opportunities and greater exchange with foreign scholars.

Washington, D.C.

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