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March 19, 2008:

I am doing name research for a book, A Rose by Any Other Name: Women's First Names and How They Affect Our Lives. If you could send me your thoughts about your name, that would be wonderful. I will include as many of your short essays as possible -- from a few paragraphs to a page or more. Here are a few questions to get some thoughts going: Do you know why your parents chose your first name? Do you use it or another? Do you have a nickname? Do you have a compound name? If so, do you use both parts? Do you have an ethnic name in addition to your American name? Does your name suit you? Do you use a different name for your professional life? Anecdotes? Name traditions? Web Name? Anything you want to say. Let me know if you want your first and last name or just your first name used with your essay. Remember there will be multiple listings for each name -- with rare exceptions for unique names. (Since I am trying to study name cycles and conduct an ethnic cross-cultural study, it would be helpful if you could indicate your ethnic/religious background, and where you grew up -- but this is not required.) Your response indicates your willingness to have your essay published, with the understanding that some editing may have to be done to fit the book's format. Thank you for your participation and please forward this to your friends and relatives. 

Potomac, Md.

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