A letter from a reader: From the Archives, 1936

March 19, 2008:

The From the Archives picture in the Nov. 7 issue took me way back to that game that I attended when I was 12 years old. I was rooting for Yale at the time because my late father had graduated from there. I was with my mother and her "boyfriend" who was a Princeton graduate, Mans Kidder '13. Besides taking us to the game, we visited Cap & Gown afterward, where I was introduced to Pepper Constable, the captain of the Princeton team. That afternoon began my slow transition to becoming a Princeton rooter and eventually a student. I have never had any regrets about my decision.

Incidentally, I witnessed one of the most spectacular catches I have ever seen: Larry Kelly on a long pass from Clint Frank, both of whom are in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Palm Desert, Calif.

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