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Letter from an alumnus about Rekindling Memories of 1970

I am responding to a query in a letter by Hal Roth ’70 in the March 9, 2005 issue.  I can't speak for the right side of photo, Mr. Roth’s primary interest, despite four years (on generous rations) at Commons.  This may be partly a result of the limited size/resolution of the photo.  However, on the left side of the photo, most prominent with white shirt is I am almost certain Michael Tourtellot ’71, and I believe the tall head-banded hirsute one just left of Mr. Tourtellot is me. Identifications like this would be a lot easier if it was possible to view the original images.  Are they accessible on-line?

My compliments to Mr. Roth for a fine letter-memoir, helping rekindle my own memories of what was indeed a remarkable probably unique period for many of us.  Lest it be forgotten, one post-Moratorium event that Spring was that the class of ’70 awarded Bob Dylan an honorary degree.  Utterly improbably for such a reclusive performer – an example of an equivalent public act today might involve President Bush apologizing for an error (for anything!) – he showed up to accept it.  That odd out-of-character experience inspired Mr. Zimmerman’s moving though predictably and appropriately irreverent composition “Day of the Locusts” on his New Morning album.

I don’t have specific memories of the locusts in 1970, but that is perhaps understandable given the unprecedented events on the human stage.  Accounts of locust appearances last year throughout the East had evocative effects similar to Mr. Roth’s letter.


Seattle, Wash.

Date Posted: 04/21/05


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