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Letter from an alumnus about Identifying More Students In Protest Photo

In case you remain interested and have not yet heard from others, I can identify several of the students in the photo of the anti-Vietnam War march that you printed in the 12/8/04 issue of PAW.

The tall, bearded student near the center of the photo, looking toward his left, with arms bent at the elbows and wearing a headband, is Peter G. McAllen ’72, who was one of my roommates in Gauss Hall that year.  Peter is reasonably certain that the student to his left, with his hands in his pockets, is Lex Kelso ’71.

The tallest student on the right-hand side of the photo, the one who is walking on the sidewalk and has a mustache, is James B. Lieber ’71.  I believe, but I am not certain, that the student to his left is Michael O'Toole ’71.


Philadelphia, Pa.


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