A letter from a reader: From the Archives, 1946 (II)

I can help you with at least one of the couples in the April 23 From the Archives photo. The couple on the far right are my grandparents, William “Bill” Burwell ’42 *49 and his wife, Harriett “Toni” Burwell.  Since this was taken in 1946, it would be during the time that my grandfather had returned to Princeton after distinguished service as a submariner in WWII to pursue a graduate degree in architecture. The year would also mean that they were getting a night off from parenting my mom, Pam, who in May would have been just a few months old. They had many fond memories of Princeton and would remain very involved with the University throughout their lives. On June 6, 1992, I had the great pleasure of working for their 50th reunion, which was also my grandfather’s 71st birthday and their 47th wedding anniversary! Sadly, they passed away within eight months of each other in 2003-2004. We miss them dearly. Thank you for a great reminder of what a wonderful couple they were. 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

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