A letter from a reader: Critiquing West *80's CD

November 12, 2007:

Bravi and kudos to Katherine Greenwood for her brief review of Cornel West *80's latest CD (Books and Arts, Oct. 10), one of the cleverest – and funniest – bits of satire we've had the pleasure of reading since Tom Wolfe's "Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers"! 

With a straight face, Ms. Greenwood has caught the salient points about Professor West that are such an ongoing embarrassment to the University: the intellectual dependence on rap artists; the appeal to young people who "might be more inclined to listen to a CD than to read" a book; the naughty thrill of hearing Professor West use the "N-word" and in particular his invention of a new word for America: "niggerized." Best of all, Ms. Greenwood, like all great satirists, almost makes one believe the piece is in earnest!

Washington, D.C.

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