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A letter from a reader about PAW

May 14, 2003

I just wanted to thank you, and tell you how thrilled I am with this week's article on my feature film project, The Instrument. This really is a fantastic, well-written, unbelievably well-informed piece by Melissa Renny ’03. I've been involved in the press for several years (either as Editorin-Chief of the Nassau Weekly or as the subject of smaller articles), and this is by far the most well-informed, inclusive, quote and fact-accurate piece in which I've ever been involved (more often than not, the truth gets skewed). The level of precision Melissa put into this article is very heartening, and I assume and appreciate that the PAW editors were very respectful to her work (and thus, to those who contributed to the film).

I also must thank you for having the faith to go along with this article. I truly believe that many current Princetonians and recent alums involved with my project may benefit from this article, and do really appreciate your taking such care with it. It really means a lot.

Adam Nemett '03
Princeton University

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