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A letter from an alumnus about a help-wanted ad for coordinator at PU

October 18, 2002

I enjoyed the October 9 ad for the new position of coordinator for Dialogue@ Princeton (page 10). It was chock-full of savory morsels of politically correct psychobabble and related hot-button topics deliciously crammed into a mere half-page.

I recommend you research the availability of one of Pol Pot’s former “re-educators” for the job. Not only would such an individual be highly skilled in ensuring the “appropriate” dialogue and views are held on race, gender, class differences, and social justice, he (or she) would know how to handle those who resist learning “correct thought” and need to be weeded out for their heresies. In a few years Princeton could be assured of achieving a 100-percent success rate in the “assessment to measure learning and attitudinal changes.”

Doug Sproull ’72
St. Louis, Mo.


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