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Letters from an alumni about four-year residential colleges and the eating clubs and Steve Caputo ’01's essay about them

November 19, 2002

I just read the article in the Bonus section of the PAW online: Four-year residential colleges, what's to come? Steve Caputo ’01 assesses the situation and offers suggestions for improvement

I am extremely interested in the subject matter, which I feel has not had its deserved airing, specifically among alumni. Crucial questions regarding the future of Princeton deserve the insight of alumni as well as students.

I was impressed by Mr. Caputo's language and commentary, managing to put the issue forward wrapped in all its controversey without alienating through opinionation, thereby offering to bring all alumni (and who has more direct experience and insight?) into the fold of this discussion.

I think PAW is obligated to spark a richer, broader discussion of these issues as they relate to and are affected by alumni, and I think the Mr. Caputo's commentary, or a more extensive discussion along these lines (including the obviously well-researched voice of Mr. Caputo) is overdue in the print version of PAW (as a headlining follow-up to the recent article on Demetri Porphyrios, perhaps?).

I am excited to see that some alumni are getting actively involved in the struggle for defining the Princeton of the future (this should not be an issue exclusively for big donors and trustees, after all), and I think with the proper initiative sparked by a provocative PAW piece, more alumni would follow suit, to the benefit of the entire Princeton community — students, faculty, alumni, administration, trustees, etc.

With the right spark, the alumni community may be encouraged to observe the example of the students, faculty, etc. who participated in the two Prospects competitions mentioned in the article (admirable indeed!) and throw their voice into the as of yet relatively quiet debate rapidly shaping the future of Princeton.

Thank you in advance for your continuing and expanding time and concern on this fundamental issue,

Adriel Mesznik '01
New York, N.Y.

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November 6, 2002

I urge you to forward Steve Caputo ’01's thoughtful piece to the trustee committee and university staff responsible for "integrating" Whitman College into campus life.

A win-win scenario is possible — and a little planning and foresight could make the difference.

N.J. Nicholas Jr. '62
New York, N.Y.

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