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A letter from an alum about the the 2004 Commencement Address

June 17, 2004

Only in the cloistered, delusional halls of liberal academe could someone like President Tilghman believe that this nation was better off in 1970 than it is today, that civil rights were on a stronger footing then than now, and that university students were more "responsible citzens" back in the good ol' days of hippies, drugs, and sit-ins.  

I don't know what's worse: Tilghman's appalling lack of historical perspective, or the fact that she subjected students and family at Princeton's graduation to her ignorance and naivete. As an alumnus of this great university, I continue to be disappointed and embarrassed by Tilghman's performance.

Steven M. Warshawsky '90
New York, N.Y.

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