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A letter from an alumnus about helping young Princetonians

September 10, 2002

In the summer of 1961 I worked as an apprentice welder in western France under the auspices of Professor Louis Sullivan and the French department. The fruits of that remarkable opportunity continue to feed me four decades later. What a gift it was!

Working through the university's Teacher Prep Program and Student Volunteers Council, I repay my debt by employing Princeton undergraduates and alumni as summer and year-round interns at Eagle Rock School. To date more than a dozen talented and hard-working Princetonians have contributed to the growth of culture and community at our nine-year old school, and all affirm significant personal and professional growth through their internships.

I urge other alumni who are not already doing so to consider how they might provide uncommon experiences for young Princetonians.

Robert Burkhardt '62
Head of School
Eagle Rock School
Estes Park, Colorado


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