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Letters from readers about Tiger football 2003

January 27, 2004

I should like to remind letter-writer Robert C. Lang '70 — and other disgruntled football fans — that football is only a game (among many others), provided by the University to support the concept of mens sana in corpore sano, keeping the undergraduates off the streets until they are mature enough to enter (1) business, (2) government, (3) graduate studies, or (4) professional sports.

W. W. Keen James '51
Albion, R.I.

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November 26, 2003

Does anyone know what is wrong with the once-great Princeton football program? I have been a devoted fan since the 1950s and am puzzled by the losing trend of recent years.

Given the persistence of the trend, I wonder whether the University even cares to tackle the problem. On November 22, 2003, the Tigers lost to Dartmouth, 21-15, completing yet another losing season with 2 wins and 8 losses.

Since 1970, Tiger teams have lost a majority of their games. The record is 151 wins, 168 losses, and 7 ties. It was not always so.

For the first one hundred years of football, from 1869 to 1969, Princeton's record is 598 wins, 174 losses, and 43 ties.

This is a remarkable winning rate of 73%. Football is a venerated tradition at Princeton. It is time to reclaw the Old Tiger.

Robert C. Lang Jr. '70
Warren, N.J.

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October 18, 2003

I read George Hamid's letter, and it prompted me to write. While I did not attend Princeton, I began going to games when I was eight years old. I'm now 48. I've seen almost every home game since my later high school years and am discouraged about the present state of the football program.

Princeton has been ranked # 1 the last few years for education; we have the finest football stadium on the East Coast, and the other sports programs are far ahead of the football program. Why should this be?

The thing that bothers me about Coach Hughes is that he was hired because of his offensive mind. This is exactly the area in which the team has been weak since he arrived. Crazy and predictable play calling, general confusion on the part of the players, and mistakes and turnovers at the most crucial times. Also, the inability to play four quarters of football.

It's well documented that Hughes was Mr. Walters's hire. Why? He did nothing at Dartmouth other than be the coach of Jay Fieldler. So what! I could have coached him.

Walters then gets rid of the second winningest coach in program history to replace him with an offensive coordinator from Dartmouth. While I'm not saying that a change wasn't needed, you better find someone much better when you dump the second winningest coach in the school's history.
This has not been the case and the program seems to be going backwards for whatever reason. I put the blame squarely on Gary Walters. The bottom line is there is no excuse for the way Hughes's teams have performed.

I've responded to Mr. Hamid's letter because it's the alumini association as well as the Friends of Princeton Football association that needs to voice their opinions very loudly about the situation. There's no reason for this program to be where it is, and I don't see it going in the right direction.

There has to be many more alumini out there that feel the same way we do. They just need to make some noise!

Robert Federico
Bethlehem, Pa.

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September 26, 2003

Two days after watching Lehigh dismantle the Princeton football team I, a season ticket-holder, received coupons for free popcorn.
I smiled to myself. The Athletic Department cannot give us a football team so it gives us popcorn.

Many years ago when I owned most of the movie theaters in Atlantic City, we sometimes gave away free popcorn. We didn’t fool many people. The popcorn was free because the movie of the moment was a dud.

What goes around comes around.

If, on November 15 the Tigers produce an improbably win over Yale, I will gladly pay for my popcorn.

George Hamid ’40
Northfield, N.J.

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